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Welcome To The Junior/Senior High 

Seventh Through Twelfth Grade 

Belle Plaine Senior High School is committed to excellence in Academics, The Arts, and Athletics.  The high school experience and accomplishments in each of these areas open doors of opportunity for students to achieve their childhood dreams. There are two guarantees we will make to students, the first is the decision to engage fully in the academic opportunities presented during the high school years will determine what doors of opportunity will open and what doors will close.  The second, the world you live in today is rapidly changing.  

Belle Plaine Senior High School operates on seven period day, allowing its students to maximize their learning experiences both in the required core knowledge areas and relevant exploratory courses helping students realize their passions.

As a faculty and staff, we are highly committed to working with students at this unique age to achieve academic success and to maintain personal wellness. We know that great physical and emotional changes occur during these years of life. This time of change and development is exciting and challenging. Our professional, caring faculty members are committed to helping all students achieve academic success in an atmosphere of caring and personal wellness. Please join with us in reaching those goals with your children.


Mindy Chevalier 

High School Principal

(952) 873-2403


Margot Hansen

Assistant Principal

(952) 873-2403

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