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Health Services

Nursing Services manages the health needs of students at our public and non-public schools within District 716. A licensed school nurse along with other health office staff provide an array of services including:


- Vision screening in grades one, three and five

- Hearing screening in begindergarten, kindergarten, grades one, two, three and five

- Medication management

- Development/implementation of health care plans

- First-aid and illness management

- Day to day duties are delegated to health paraprofessionals and assistants.


The health office in each building works to keep the students healthy and the families up to date with current health information. Please visit this site frequently to see what is currently going on in the health offices.

Health Service Staff

Rachelle Kerkow, RN-LSN

Junior Senior High Nurse Rachelle Kerkow.

District Nurse - Jr/Sr High Office

(952) 873-2403

Nicole Koepp, LPN

Chatfield Elementary Nurse Nicole Koepp.

Chatfield Elementary

(952) 873-2401 ex. 0266

Oak Crest Elementary Nurse Marci Schroeder.

Marci Schroeder, Health Assistant 

Oak Crest Elementary

(952) 873-2402

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