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Belle Plaine Public Schools

Our mission is to pursue excellence in academics, programming, and the social and emotional development of our students.  Fostering a culture of kindness, inclusion, and pride in ourselves, our school, and our community.

Belle Plaine Public Schools; a caring learning community of over 1600 students, faculty, staff, and administrators; located on the Southwest edge of the Twin Cities metro area. The district has several distinct geographic advantages -- being located just 35 miles south of Minneapolis on US Highway 169, being nestled within the picturesque Minnesota River Valley, and being surrounded by large swaths of beautiful farmland.

Our greatest asset is our dedicated, professional staff. Our faculty realize that the world we are educating students for is far different than the world we have come from. Our staff does an excellent job creating rigorous, relevant learning opportunities that offer on-demand experiences available to students anytime, anywhere.  These experiences are flexible, adaptable and individualize, differentiate, and personalize the learning experience for all students, preparing them to be lifelong learners that will prepare them to be successful in a global society.

Whether you are new to our community or a lifelong resident, we encourage you to find out more about our school district. Feel free to contact us at (952) 873-2400.

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