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MN Student Survey

What is the Minnesota Student Survey (MSS)?

The Minnesota Student Survey (MSS) is one of the longest-running youth surveys in the nation. It is a triennial survey that began in 1989. The survey is an anonymous statewide school-based survey conducted to gain insights into the world of students and their experiences. The next MSS will be administered between January and June 2022 to students in grades five through twelve.

Why is the survey important?

The MSS is the primary source of comprehensive data on youth at the state, county and local level in Minnesota and is the only consistent source of statewide data on the health and well-being of youth from smaller population groups, such as racial or ethnic groups. It provides valuable information about issues vital to the health, safety and academic success of young people. The survey results have proven to be a dynamic vehicle in bringing the youth voice into decisions made by youth programs, schools, communities and state agencies.

How is information from the survey results used?

School districts, local public health agencies and community nonprofits use local data to hold community forums and stimulate discussion about the needs of youth, to plan programs and to obtain grant funding. State agencies use the results to monitor trends, to assess the extent of disparities among population groups, to obtain federal and state funding and to assist local communities and schools.

If you'd like to preview the questions to the survey, they can be found here:

2022 Minnesota Student Survey Website

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