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Enrollment Information 

Welcome to the Belle Plaine Public Schools! We are proud of the excellence that exists in the Art, Academics and Athletics in our schools. Our employees are committed to assuring that each student develops to his or her maximum potential through personalizing the educational learning experience to meet student needs. There are many indications where Belle Plaine students are excelling.

Academically, staff are continuing their work in implementing a Balanced Literacy approach where students learn to love their reading experience and teachers are able to individually monitor each students level ensuring they are meeting them in their zone of proximal development. Students, teachers and staff members earn awards in regional, state and national competitions in Activities, the Arts and Athletics. Special programs are available for students with unique interests and needs. The Belle Plaine Public Schools strive to meet the individual needs of all our learners.

Who Can Enroll?

Belle Plaine Public Schools welcomes all students who live within the boundaries of Belle Plaine Independent School District 716 and meet state age and health requirements.

Open Enrollment

Minnesota public school students have the opportunity to apply to attend public schools outside the school district in which they reside. An open enrollment form would need to be completed.

Contact the school or call Teri Kiewatt at 952-873-2418 or via email for more information.

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