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Budget Information

The Belle Plaine Public Schools are committed to sound financial management of taxpayer funds while striving to provide the best education possible for our students. Below you will find documents associated with the district's financial health. 

2022-2023 Budget Financial Statements

2021-2022 Audited Financial Statements

2021-2022 Budget Worksheet

2020-2021 Audited Financial Statements

2020-2021 Budget Worksheet

2019-2020 Audited Financial Statements

2019-2020 Budget Worksheet

2018-2019 Audited Financial Statements

2018-2019 Budget Worksheet

2017-2018 Audited Financial Statements

2017-2018 Budget Worksheet

Please direct all questions about the district's finances to Superintendent, Ryan Laager or to our Business Manager, Chuck Keller.

Superintendent Dr. Ryan Laager
Business Manager Chuck Keller

Ryan Laager
(952) 873-2400

Chuck Keller
Business Manager
(952) 873-2408

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