Junior/Senior High Counseling Services 

As we find ourselves living in an ever changing global world, youth are dealing with more diverse issues than ever before. Blending families, a rise in mental health concerns, alcohol and drug abuse and economic insecurities are some of the common themes today's youth and their families face. Many are dealing with these complex issues in a climate where standards, norms and tolerances are shifting and some are simply overwhelmed. 

Student Support: 
Students are able to stop by and meet with our counselors at any time. 
Individual Support: Daily 
Provide ongoing support and guidance for all students experiencing any type of stressor.
Grade Level Groups:  Weekly (grades 9-12) 

Focus on family, friends, academics, social and/or emotional concerns.
Mediations:  Weekly
Assist students with resolving conflicts or disagreements by giving them the opportunity to listen to one another by using active listening. This helps students feel heard and to validate their feelings; in hopes to come to a fair resolution. 


Need support? Please contact any of our school counselors.


Sara Geller 

Student Support Specialist 


(952) 873-2403


Amie Hohenstein

Student Support Specialist & Chemical Health


(952) 873-2403 ex. 0125


Amy Wood 

Guidance Counselor


(952) 873-2403