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The students are in the PAES Lab (practical analysis exploration system) for 1.5 hours Monday through Thursday. It assesses work interests, work habits, and social skills needed for a job. It is designed to simulate the real working world to help prepare students for the transition from school to work and life. Students punch a time clock and get a job folder immediately upon entering the lab. The job folder lists their specific job tasks for the day. The teachers give the least amount of assistance to the students in order to encourage independence and to accurately assess students' skills and abilities. Students are paid an hourly rate with simulated pay checks and are given bonuses for good performance and strong work behaviors. On the flip side, students can be fined for not following the rules of the lab. A school store is open twice a month, and the students can spend their paychecks on items. PAES is a research-based assessment system that identifies aptitude for community-based employment, functional skills, interests and work behavior strengths and barriers to success.

Work Experience 

Through our work based- learning program, we offer various work opportunities for students that fit their interests so they can build their job skills and become as independent as possible once they leave the school environment.

The SOAR students go out into the community to practice community and daily living skills. We take part in activities that they would do in their every day lives. We also take part in various volunteer opportunities.

Recreation & Leisure/Community Skills

Student Projects

Our students work on projects to sell.

  • Greeting Cards

  • Step Stools 

  • Dog Treats

SOAR Transitions Program 

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