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Early Childhood Family Education

What is ECFE?
● ECFE provides educational opportunities! Our licensed teachers create age-appropriate activities that use play-based teaching to provide hands-on learning experiences for the children. We provided parents with ideas and
strategies to carry learning into the home and begin to form a positive school-home partnership.
● ECFE promotes family involvement! Family involvement makes a difference in a child’s education and we create opportunities to make it easy for parents to get involved.
● ECFE shares community resource opportunities! We educate parents about support networks, community resources and education services that are available to them.

Terminology of ECFE?
● Non-Separating Classes: Parents and children will stay together in the classroom for the length of the class.
● Separating Classes: Following the parent and child interaction time, parents will separate and meet in a separate classroom with a parent facilitator for parent discussions.
● Teacher Time: While parents are at discussion time, children will have independent play. This not only gives
children a first “school” experience, but it will also be a way to address separation issues. Children are under the care of the classroom teacher where social interaction and free play is the main focus.
● Parent/Child Time: Parents and children spend time creating, playing, and talking throughout learning activities. Time is spent with your child by guiding and encouraging as they learn new skills.
● Parent Discussion: Led by ECFE staff to provide resources and lead the group towards helpful parenting discussions. Parents will have a chance to connect with other parents, learn about various resources, and get their questions answered.
● Circle Time:
● Special Events:

How do I register for classes?
To register for a class or event:
Click Here or call us at 952-873-2415 ext. 2


Courtney Burr 

ECFE Coordinator

(952) 873-2401

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